At Bramble Tree Estate we are honored to host weddings. We know how important each detail of a wedding is and we are fortunate to work with the best vendors in the industry. We have 4 outstanding caterers to choose from and our preferred planners, designers, florists, and photographers can create and capture every special moment of your big day..

The Terrace

The beauty of The Terrace stands the test of time. Layers of fresh flowers outline the perfect backdrop for an intimate gathering. The moments captured in its serene sophistication are truly unforgettable.

Faraway Fields

There is freedom in the expanse of Faraway Fields. The vast, open field transports to another world entirely, built by the organic pigments of nature and its subtle beauty.

The Garden

Nights (or days) in The Garden are sure to air with flair and lightness of heart. Enclosed by the streams of blooming flowers, its coziness is contagious to guests. The Garden dances with vintage lights during the evening, providing the perfect ending to a momentous day.